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    A YouTuber Recreated 1999 Makeup Looks And It's Both Nostalgic And Cringey AF

    The video is all that and a bag of chips!

    This is Jaime French and she's a YouTuber who runs a YouTube page devoted to makeup tutorials and beauty product reviews.

    Jamie French/

    And a few months ago, Twitter user @Mommy_Cusses tweeted out this very funny and accurate tweet about what it would've been like if Beauty YouTubers had existed in the late '90s:

    If there were beauty YouTubers when I was younger: "Pull hair out of the cap with the hook and bleach. Roll body glitter on your chest. Paint your nails with White Out, and just smear a pound of foundation all over your face. Make sure it doesn't match your skin tone at all."

    Well, Jaime saw the tweet and was up for the challenge! She decided to create a parody 1999 makeup tutorial video.

    Jaime French/

    And honestly, the result is so real I can practically smell Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker and Bath & Body Works' Sun-Ripened Raspberry body spray as I watch it:

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    Yes, I realize the video went up a few months ago, but literally it's so timeless and good!!!

    The video is filled with so many little moments that will make anyone who lived through the late '90s spit out their Surge from laughter!

    Jaime French/

    Like when she pointed out that you probably wouldn't have seen a video online (since watching videos online wasn't really a thing) and that you probably would have watched the tutorial on VHS.

    Jaime French/

    Or when she reminded everyone that you basically looked like you were wearing a cakey mask when wearing foundation (in everyone's defense it was in the pre-HD camera days)...

    Jaime French/

    ...and that you had to have frosty eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrows.

    Jaime French/

    And speaking of eyebrows, she reminds us that NOBODY had eyebrows back basically tweezed them into a tiny little line on your face.

    Jaime French/

    But, perhaps one of funniest things about the whole video was how she pointed out how much things have changed and how much we take selfies today and how much we share pictures of ourselves with everyone.

    Jaime French/

    Not that selfies didn't exist, but people didn't really do them all the time (since you couldn't tell how they came out, so it was a waste of film).

    Now, you're lying to yourself if you say you weren't trying to achieve this glittery perfection of a look in 1999 — you could wear it everywhere from Blockbuster to a house party:

    Jaime French/


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