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Dec 10, 2017

This "Yes Or No" Quiz Will Reveal If You're A Target Addict

A quiz for anyone with Tar-jay on the brain.

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  1. Have you ever made up a totally dumb excuse to go shopping at Target?

  2. Do you visit Target at least once a week?

  3. Do you get a sudden rush of energy whenever you walk into a Target?

  4. Do you have a preference on what cashier you get?

  5. Have you ever gone in with just a handbasket, but ended up having to get a cart after finding a few extra things you didn't know you needed?

  6. Do you have a Redcard?

  7. Have you ever NOT purchased something because you realized you didn't have your Redcard with you?

  8. Do you have the Cartwheel app?

  9. Have you ever shopped in the clothing section while wearing clothing that was still currently being sold?

  10. Are you currently wearing anything from Target?

  11. Have you ever gone shopping there and totally forgotten to get the ONE item you actually needed?

  12. Do you have a route that you always use when shopping inside the store?

  13. Have you memorized where every price scanner is in your local store?

  14. Do you prefer to go the Starbucks inside of Target?

  15. Have you ever lost track of time in a store?

  16. Have you ever gone somewhere and said, "I couldn't live here, there is NO Target nearby"?

  17. Do your friends and family know to get you Target gift cards for your birthday and holidays?

  18. Have you ever woken up at 4 a.m. to jump online to order a Target designer collab?

  19. Have you ever had an employee recognize you because you're there so often?

  20. Do you refer to it as "Tar-jay" on a regular basis?

  21. Are you able to do a return without going back into the store to do more shopping?

  22. Have you ever gone on to right after shopping at the store?

  23. Have you ever severely miscalculated how much you were spending?

  24. Do you remember the last time you went to a Target and bought ONLY what you needed?

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