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19 Childhood Moments That Were The Absolute Worst

You probably repressed the memory of having the note you were passing in class read aloud by your teacher.

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1. When you finally got around to watching a TV show you'd taped, only to find out your parents or, worse yet, your siblings had taped over it:

3. When the teacher asked you to write an answer on the overhead projector and your sweaty palms smeared all the marker ink:

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Plus the blinding light was intimidating AF, which added to your nerves.


6. When your parents revoked your Blockbuster renting privileges after you forgot to return a video:

Nothing was worse than being called out by the cashier at Blockbuster while trying rent a new video as your mom gave you a death stare.


11. When you were about to beat a level and all of a sudden your sibling or friend would trip on the wires, disconnecting the controller from the Nintendo console:

Matthew Paul Argall/ Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 79157069@N03

Or worse, if they tripped and pulled the entire console from the shelf!


14. When you thought you'd stealthily sharpen your pencil during class, but instead everyone turned around and looked at you because it sounded like you were starting a chainsaw:

15. When you were chilling with your friends and all of a sudden your braces wire popped:

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"That's OK, guys, just leave me here at the mall while I die from this puncture wound in my cheek."


18. When it was Scholastic Fair Day at school and you realized you forgot your envelope of money at home:


Then having to ask your teacher if you could get a pass to call your parents from the administration office.