This Vintage Photo Of Costumed Characters Is Seriously Disturbing

Kill it with fire!

1. Behold, what might be the most frighting photo of a group of costumed characters ever taken, and it has also left me without so many questions:

2. But there really is too much going on, so let’s take a closer look at all the creepiness:

3. First off, is this character supposed to be Donald Duck?!

He looks like a cracked-out Howard the Duck!

4. Is this a sad clown or a sad jack-o’-lantern?

Also, where are it’s eyes?!

5. Is this some sorta unholy Homer and Bart Simpson hybrid?

6. Why is the Pink Panther (?) making a face and pose like he was caught in police raid?

7. I am also really perplexed as to why this girl seems to be cool with everything that is going on here?

And also those EYES! AHHHH!

8. And this poor little girl, she is doing what we’re all thinking:


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