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    "Back To The '80s" Is Making Me Relive My Childhood And I Love That

    A musical reminder that it was the greatest decade to be a kid!

    So you might remember the comedy actor/director Ben Giroux and songwriter/artist Jensen Reed's hilarious and mega viral 2017 music video "Back to the '90s," which was an all that and a bag of chips love letter to the iconic decade.

    Well the duo is back and this time they're taking on another LEGENDARY decade: the '80s:

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    And honestly the video is filled with so many Easter eggs and references that it will hit any '80s kid right in the feels!!!

    Of course they pay homage to popular '80s kids things like Back to the Future...

    ...He-Man and She-Ra and the ThunderCats....

    ...and the oh-so-collectable Garbage Pail Kids cards!

    But, it also goes in for deeper cuts, like "The Super Bowl Shuffle"...

    ...and those Grey Poupon commercials that played non-stop and made you believe that was the fanciest thing you could eat!

    After watching this video all I really want to do is jump in a time-traveling DeLorean and GO BACK!!!