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This Guy Uses His iPhone To Insert Pop Culture Characters Into Real Life

French photographer François Dourlen superimposes characters from TV and movies into the real world, and it's pretty fun.

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1. Crush, Dory, and Marlin apparently enjoy hanging out in aquariums when not looking for Nemo.

2. Patrick has become a full-on Hollywood star(fish).

3. Thomas the Tank Engine looks happy to be pulling into the station.

4. Carl is getting carried up and away by street balloons.

5. Mufasa realizes it wasn't Simba he was talking to.

6. Mario brings his kart game to bumper cars.

7. Pinocchio is clearly caught in a lie.

8. Would you deny Puss in Boots some Cat Chow when he makes a face like this?

9. Great Scott! Hang in there, Doc.

10. The Terminator looks like he upgraded his wheels.

11. Uncanny! Wait, is Denver the Last Dinosaur being superimposed onto a statue of himself?

12. Mushu visits L.A.'s Chinatown.

13. Here's theh proof that you can transform almost any hotel hallway into the "Come play with us" scene from The Shining.

15. Baymax and Hiro are just chilling.

16. TBH, this is the most iconic location you could place Bart Simpson in.

17. Remember, just don't feed Gizmo after midnight.

18. Have no fear, Superman is here!

19. No offense to Remy, but this would actually be horrifying in real life.

20. Harry Potter gets ready for a Quidditch match.

21. This one will really make the heart go on and on.