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    This Guy Took Photos Of Himself Adorably Proposing To Disney Characters

    He was just looking for his happily ever after.

    Once upon a time, in a far away land known as the Magic Kingdom, a guy went looking for his very own princess to live happily ever after with.

    He thought to himself, "so this is love" and proposed to Cinderella.


    But he was not the right fit for her.

    He then attempted to make Ariel part of his world.


    She cast him back to the sea.

    But, he saw the light and realized that Rapunzel was the one.


    She banished him away to a tower.

    He saw Jasmine and decided he wanted to take her to a whole new world.


    But Aladdin wasn't too happy about that.

    After being turned down by the princesses, he took the second star to the right and turned his attention to Tinkerbell.


    But their relationship was headed to Never Neverland.

    Finally he turned his attention to Disney's thirstiest character, Gaston.


    Hopefully they lived happily ever after.

    Walt Disney Animation / Via

    h/t: Reddit

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