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    This Fan Seriously Upgraded The Fight Scene Between Obi-Wan And Darth Vader in “A New Hope” And It’s Completely Epic

    The Force is with this YouTube channel!

    Alright, since the release of the original trilogy, the expanded Star Wars universe has shown just how powerful the Jedi and Sith are through video games, animated series, and, of course both, the prequel and new trilogies.

    And, well, all that has left the iconic fight between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader from a New Hope looking, frankly, pale in comparison.

    Obviously, it's part of the movie and there is no reason to go back and fix it. But, YouTube channel FXitinPost has reimagined the scene and made a video that looks like it would fit in with the current cannon and, OMG, it is spectacular:

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    First off, this shot gives me chills and it pays perfect homage to the scene in Rogue One where Vader attacks the Rebels on the Profundity.

    We also get to see Vader violently move things with telekinesis...

    ...and, of course, the fighting is also A LOT more intense and in keeping with Vader and Obi both being both extremely skilled lightsaber fighters.

    We also get other little nods, like this scene where the eyes on Vader's helmet reflect both lightsabers (which obviously symbolizes his conflict with the Light and Dark side).

    For any Star Wars fan, this expanded scene is fully realized and shows just how the Sith Lord would have actually fought Obi-Wan (especially since he was filled with nearly 20 years of rage).

    But, perhaps my favorite thing about this whole video is that Obi-Wan is still very much Vader's match and does not go down without a fight.

    After seeing this, all I have to say is that: I am not a huge fan of a lot of the things George Lucas added to the Special Editions (hell, even the stuff from the prequels), but if he had added this scene, I might have forgiven him.