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This ‘90s Motorola Commercial Lists Every Argument You Gave Your Parents For Needing a Pager

In the ‘90s there was really no bigger accessory for a teenager than a pager, but first you had to convince your parents to get you one.

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"If I'm ever late — page me."

Argument: I’ll come home as soon as you page me.

Reality: Your parents can page you as much as they want, because the minute you come home you're going to say, “I forgot to bring it with me,” or, “Oh, I didn’t realize I had accidently turned it off.”

“I am never going to take this to school.”

Argument: I won’t ever take it to school.

Reality: Are you kidding? This is coming to school with you every day, and you're going to coordinate the pager case with your outfits.

“Your pages come first.”

Argument: You’re important and I respect you, dear parents, so your pages come first.

Reality: Actually, your friends pages come first. And when you're around your friends, you're definitely going to pretend that you're not getting pages from your parents.

Now relive your arguments with Motorola's "Dad, I want a pager" commercial:

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