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If You're Not Following This 87-Year-Old Grandma On Instagram, You Need To

She has been stealing your man since 1928.

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Meet Baddie Winkle, the most badass grandma on Instagram...

...and if you you're not one of the 1.1 million people following her, then you're REALLY missing out....

...’cause at age 87, she is SLAYING kids a quarter of her age.

First and foremost, Baddie proves that age is REALLY nothing but a number...

...and that you should never stop having fun.

And that you should always be down for a little dancing...

...or the occasional joint.

Eat your heart out, RiRi.

Baddie is also a fashion ICON...

...who can pull off any style!

And her accessories coordination is always on point.

In fact, Baddie's sense of style led to her modeling for L.A. street brand Dimepiece...

...and she was even immortalized on a giant billboard.

Speaking of immortalizing, Baddie has paid tribute to other icons, like fellow model Kate Moss...

...and the legendary Kurt Cobain.

Baddie's also extremely gracious and makes sure to take time to pose with her fans.

But maybe the best reason to follow Baddie is that she serves as a reminder that you should ALWAYS be you...

...and not worry about the haters.

’Cause let's be honest: Life's too short to pay attention to all the basic, jealous haters.

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