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    22 Things That Baffled Anyone Who Grew Up In The '90s

    Why would you name both your sons Pete?!

    1. How Buzz Lightyear would say he wasn't a toy, yet would become an inanimate object whenever Andy was around:

    2. How 3D Doritos somehow tasted better than regular Doritos, even though they were the exact same thing:

    3. How no matter how many tickets you won, these were the only prizes you could ever get at Chuck E. Cheese's:

    4. How exactly were they able to film The Parent Trap:

    5. How the hell a Chia Pet grew with like little water or dirt:

    6. How Ariel, who knew how to write, didn't communicate with Prince Eric by writing things down:

    7. What the hell were Scooby Snacks made of and why were they so addictive:

    8. Why the contestants on Supermarket Sweep just didn't run to grab the expensive stuff first, like cheese and baby formula:

    9. Why all the Froot Loops colors tasted the same and why none of them tasted like fruit:

    10. Why they even bothered to make these different colors 'cause once you started eating it the colors would mix and turn grey:

    11. How the freak did this shit disappear:

    12. What exactly the mystery flavor of the white Airhead was:

    13. Why Pete and Pete's parents gave them the same name:

    14. How they knew what type of DNA they were going to get from the mosquitos in Jurassic Park:

    15. What the hell was inside of these...

    16. and these:

    17. How the hell CatDog went to the bathroom:

    18. How this happened:

    19. How the kid in Blank Check was able to afford all the things he bought with just a million dollars:

    20. How the heck did they draw Magic Eye books:

    21. What made Heinz think that kids wanted green and purple ketchup:

    22. And finally, why did they label this "No Tears!" when it burned your eyes like crazy: