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40 Things From The '80s That Women Between The Ages Of 35-45 Used To Do

"BuzzFeed, did you and I grow up together?!" —You, reading this post.

1. Owning a bunch of Care Bear PVC figures that you had no idea where they came from:

2. Having one of these frame-tray puzzles that always smelled like old grocery store paper bags:

3. Taking one of these every morning — and low-key popping a few behind your parents's back throughout the day 'cause they tasted like candy:

4. Riding around on a bike that had that one huge banana seat:

5. Begging your parents to get you the silver Barbie Corvette (it was oh-so-cool looking):

6. And, of course, begging your parents to get you packs of Barbie shoes 'cause you always lost them:

7. Playing your favorite tapes on this exact player:

8. Eating Hawaiian pizza at every single birthday party you went to:

9. Owning either the ballerina jewelry box...

10. ...or one that looked like this (that also doubled as a Barbie dresser during playtime):

11. Owning a bunch of Cabbage Patch Kids books — even if you weren't into Cabbage Patch Kids:

12. Making cut and sew dolls with your mom or grandma:

13. Having an afghan that your grandmother made for you (which were always in some very '70s colors):

14. Thinking Electric Youth was the greatest perfume ever:

15. Getting excited whenever you found Handi-Snacks in your lunchbox (even if the red spatula thing sometimes almost sliced your tongue):

16. Playing this game in elementary school on rainy days when you couldn't go outside for recess:

17. Having several of these cups in your family's kitchen:

18. Being a little creeped out by the faces on these cookies:

19. Owning a ceramic piggy bank that you couldn't wait to break with a hammer:

20. Having a Makit Bakit Suncatcher hanging on your bedroom window that you loved to stare at on sunny days:

21. Creating true masterpieces with a Magna Doodle (well, until it stopped being able to fully erase):

22. Low-key wanting to finish a bag of Tato Skins potato chips:

23. Totally wanting to kick ass like Cheetara on ThunderCats:

24. Feeling like a "grown-up" whenever your parents allowed you to make the popcorn by yourself in the hot air popcorn maker:

25. Thinking these were the coolest Happy Meal Toys ever made:

26. Feeling cool whenever you wore these bracelets (even if they were not very comfortable):

27. Holding the gun directly in front of the TV screen whenever you played Duck Hunt:

28. Feeling oh-so-sophisticated whenever your parents allowed you to take a sip of their General Foods International Coffee:

29. Playing with this air-freshener 'cause it was fanciful and looked like something straight out of The Smurfs:

30. Debating whether or not to remove the sticker part from a Garbage Pail Kids card:

31. Having this giant Lego block container to store all your Legos in:

32. Carrying around all your Hello Kitty pencils and erasers in one of these pencil cases:

33. Being entertained by one of these for like 10 minutes, tops:

34. Wearing your white Keds until they had a hole or were just super filthy:

35. Always being scared that these were going to pop off your head and hurt someone:

36. Carrying all your Chuck E. Cheese's tokens in their waxy soda cups:

37. Making crazy bracelets with pop and snap beads:

38. Being jealous of that one friend who had a fancy metal daybed (which was usually adorned with Laura Ashley looking bed linens):

39. Collecting as many ~cool~ charms as you could for your charm necklace:

40. And finally, taking a good whiff of your My Little Ponies whenever you played with them 'cause they had such an addictive plasticky smell: