19 Head-Scratching Things That People Are Wondering Why They Still Exist In 2022

    Honestly, we should have been able to stop those robo scam calls about the expiring car warranty by now.

    Recently, Reddit user IDCWhoIam posed an interesting question to the AskReddit Community: "What has no reason to exist in 2022, but yet it does?"

    The thread soon had thousands of replies from people chiming in on the things they didn't understand why we still have around. Here are some of the top-voted and best comments:

    1. "My job. I sort incoming faxes for 70 hours a week."

    A person using a fax machine.

    2. "I work in an Amazon warehouse; the other day I shipped out a 2019 wall calendar. I have no idea who needs this."

    A 2019 wall calendar

    3. "An inkjet printer."

    Person using an inkjet printer

    4. "Areas that have poor or no cell reception even though it 100% feels like it should. An example being a campsite just five minutes from a popular town."

    5. "Ticketmaster service fees — heck all online ticket brokering service fees."

    6. "Pennies."

    A jar of pennies

    7. "Child beauty pageants. To be fair, these shouldn't exist regardless of the year."

    A tiara resting on a pillow.

    8. "Pay phones. I still see them in my city."

    A man using a pay phone.

    9. "Poor internet connection."

    10. "Uploading your resume and then manually filling out all the same information on a separate page when applying for a job."

    A woman using a laptop.

    11. "Automated scam calls about my car's warranty expiring."

    12. "DVDs"


    "Well, a massive library does seem more impressive in person as a collection of DVDs than as a 1 TB drive with 1,000s of files."


    13. "Cookbooks without pictures."

    A woman holding eggs and using a cookbook.

    14. "Non-resealable cereal bags. C'mon now!"

    A ripped cereal bag with cereal spilling out onto the table.

    15. "Places that only accept cash and no form of electronic payment like Apple Pay or contactless. Local taxis in my area moan about Uber taking over but STILL refuse to allow people to pay by any other way apart from cash."

    A person using a credit card to buy produce.

    16. "The ability to still steal a vehicle. After all these years, we still can't come up with some kind of technology that makes it 100% impossible to steal a vehicle once and for all? Even keyless entry systems can easily be hacked and your car stolen in a matter of seconds. Why is this so hard to do?"

    A man breaking into a car.

    17. "Ads on streaming services I’m paying for a subscription."

    A person using a remote control for their TV.

    18. "Telephone books. One was recently delivered to my house and went directly into the recycle bin."

    A person using a phone book.

    And finally...

    19. "Home phones. Like, what do you even need them for?"

    An old rotary phone.

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.