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    If You're A Millennial Who Grew Up With 90% Of These Things, Then You Were Probably The Rich Friend

    Snapple wishes and FAO Schwartz dreams.

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    1. A "computer room" that had a computer with unlimited internet access:

    Richard T. Nowitz / Getty Images

    For those too young to know, once upon a time, internet access was limited to a certain amount of hours per month.

    2. TVs and VCRs in every bedroom:

    Matejay / Getty Images

    3. A Bose CD player in the TV room:

    4. And a very big projection TV (also in the TV room):

    Just looking at it makes me feel heavy.

    5. A CD storage cabinet that wasn't meant to look like it stored CDs:

    6. A Laser Disc collection:

    They always had a huge collection of Laser Disc films, even if you never saw them watch them.

    7. Snapple in glass bottles:

    Mario Tama / Getty Images

    The best part of going to your rich friend's house was raiding their fridge and drinking their Snapples.

    8. A refrigerator that looked like a cabinet:

    Everyone's rich friend's kitchen wasn't complete without a refrigerator camouflaged as a cabinet.

    9. A trash drawer that was also a cabinet:

    Rich people love a cabinet!

    10. A small TV with a built-in VCR in the kitchen:

    11. A *WORKING* air hockey table:

    Anyone could own an air hockey table, but only the 1% had an actual working one.

    12. A classic arcade machine:

    It was always in the basement.

    13. A huge wooden dollhouse:

    Adie Bush / Getty Images

    Usually fitted out with expensive tiny furniture.

    14. A huge playhouse in the backyard (that was, honestly, bigger than some studio apartments):

    Getty Images

    They were always made out of wood too and looked straight out of a fairy tale.

    15. A trampoline:

    Everyone from the neighborhood wanted to jump on it. Everyone from the neighborhood got injured falling off it.

    16. A playroom:

    Andrea Rugg / Getty Images

    17. A huge collection of American Girl dolls and accessories:

    The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

    Basically, those dolls lived better than you.

    18. Lots of toys you'd never heard of that came from FAO Schwarz:

    Stephen Lovekin / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    They also had the catalogs that made you feel poor just looking at the covers.

    19. A subscription to National Geographic:

    20. A large collection of chunky VHS tapes:

    Disney+ before it existed.

    21. Dress-up costumes to play with:

    22. A Princess Diana Beanie Baby:

    The epitome of wealth.

    23. Phone lines in every room, and when your friends got older, they got their own private lines:

    24. An old-timey popcorn cart:

    Which they used maybe once a year.

    25. Portable TVs:

    Lathuric / Getty Images

    Look, they never used them and they were not practical, but at that time, having a handheld portable TV felt like the future.

    26. A fountain:

    Rich people had fountains. The *richest* kid in school had one that actually worked.

    27. A framed portrait of their dog that they clearly had a photo shoot for:

    Getty Images

    Can't fault them for this!

    28. Every gaming system and almost every game that was released for it:

    Yvonne Hemsey / Getty Images

    And sometimes, they had more than one of the same gaming system.

    29. And finally, a Fisher-Price Power Wheels — which was such a status symbol:

    Artmarie / Getty Images

    Okay, listen, I know BuzzFeed has 953,907 of these posts and the Power Wheels is on every list, but it's because it's been 30 years and we still resent not having one.

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