35 Things That Made Every Old Millennial Into The Extremely Weird Person They Are Today

    The '80s truly were the wild west for what passed as appropriate kid content.

    1. The episode of Punky Brewster where Cherie almost died after being locked in the abandoned fridge:

    2. And the two-part "The Perils of Punky" Punky Brewster Halloween episode that was all sorts of creepy:

    3. The anti-smoking PSA that was done by the cast of Cats:

    4. All the creepy looking puppets in Genesis' "Land of Confusion" music video:

    5. McDonald's Mac Tonight commercials, which really made you not want to eat there:

    6. Disney's made-for-TV movie Mr. Boogedy:

    7. When Peter Gabriel begins to fall apart in his "Sledgehammer" music video:

    8. The stressful AF Diet Pepsi commercial that featured Michael J. Fox almost dying trying to get some soda:

    9. Every single freaky scenario in McGruff the Crime Dog commercials:

    10. The Drug-Free America commercial that featured a girl diving into an empty pool:

    11. The scene in The Land Before Time where Littlefoot's mom dies:

    12. ABC's Weekend Special: The Red Room Riddle, which was basically a horror movie that got shown on a Saturday morning:

    13. Rio two-timing Jerrica with her alter-ego Jem (which is kind of a mindfuck in retrospect):

    14. The disturbing moment when Carol Channing's White Queen turned into a sheep and let out a weird shriek in Alice Through the Looking Glass:

    15. The old lady saying, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" in the Life Alert commercial:

    16. Judge Doom's terrifying reveal in Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

    17. The moment when Michael Jackson turned around at the end of the music video for "Thriller" and revealed he had yellow eyes:

    18. The Clapper commercial, 'cause the jingle for it would haunt you for days whenever you heard it:

    19. Large Marge in Pee-wee's Big Adventure:

    20. The scene in Return to Oz where Princess Mombi takes Dorothy into her closet full of heads:

    21. Optimus Prime’s unexpected death in Transformers: The Movie:

    22. When Fievel realized he was lost in An American Tail:

    23. The scene where Will Halloway watches himself get guillotined in Something Wicked This Way Comes:

    24. The scene in Poltergeist where the clown doll underneath the bed comes to life:

    25. Gmork from The Neverending Story, who was basically every deep-down fear you had of dogs, personified.

    26. The ThunderCats being naked in the first episode:

    27. Big Bird being painted blue and depressed in Follow That Bird:

    28. The creepy robots and mannequins in the music video for Herbie Hancock's "Rockit":

    29. The demon-looking alien in Mac and Me:

    30. The Noid, who was just plain terrifying:

    31. Kate's monologue in Gremlins on why she doesn't celebrate Christmas:

    32. The snake drug dealer that appeared at the end of the Drug-Free America commercial:

    33. Slim Goodbody and his inside out body:

    34. Barth from You Can't Do That on Television; you literally could get food poisoning by just watching his segments:

    35. And finally, the theme song to Unsolved Mysteries:

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