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37 Things Latinx Kids Saw Every Single Time They Went To Their Abuela's House

You'll be able to smell Agua de Violetas as you scroll through this!

1. An apron that looked like this, and it was usually one she had had for years:

A woman wearing a purple embroidered gingham aparon

2. Wooden coasters that she got as a souvenir, but that didn't do anything to actually help absorb condensation:

Wooden souvenir coaster set from Colombia

3. A bowl of these strawberry candies, and you never knew how old they really were:

Three candies wrapped to look like strawberries and two candies beside it out of the wraper

4. A tin of butter cookies that was actually just her sewing kit:

Cuban abuela: sewing kit. Though about 3% of the time actual cookies. I checked...every single time

5. A cabinet full of plastic bags:

A cabinet open with a plastic bag inside filled with more plastic bags

6. Fruit and vegetable magnets all over the fridge:

7. Very old decorative plastic fruit that she had on her dining room table for as long as you could remember:

A bowl of fake purple grapes that looks old

8. The one vinyl table cloth that she always used:

A vinyl table cover that features various fruits on it and still in the original packaging

9. A random angel Christmas decoration that she always forgot to put away after the holidays:

A ceramic Christmas angel from the '50s

10. Lots of old issues of Vanidades that she refused to throw away because there was an article in it that she wanted to reread:

The "Vanidades" logo in red lettering

11. A dinner plate set that looked like this and that you couldn't remember a time she didn't have it:

A dinner plate set along with matching coffee cup saucer plate that is tan with a brown trim

12. A cabinet full of things you could NEVER touch:

A glass-doored wooden china cabinet filled with china

13. Photos of you and all her other grandkids in big, chunky, plastic themed frames like this:

Mexican abuelas always have frames with random ballerinas on them lol

14. A cafetera that literally looked like like it had seen better days (but it still made great cafecito):

A stove-top espresso maker that had the bottom all burned at and the top is stained from use
Getty Images

15. A can of Café Bustelo (which didn't always have coffee inside it):

A yellow red can of Café Bustelo coffee

16. This step stool stored in a random bedroom closet, hall closet, or behind a door:

A two step step stool opened and in front of a wooden cabinet

17. A brassy or gold kitchen wall clock, which you always thought looked kinda fancy:

A brass and square Seiko wall clock that is from the '80s

18. The ONE pan she always used, even though she had cabinets full of newer and better pans:

A sauce pan that has a burned bottom from years of use
Devonyu / Getty Images

19. This EXACT roasting pan:

A black granite roasting pan

20. And this EXACT large pot, which only came out to cook foods for holidays and special occasions:

A large black granite stock pan

21. Her oven full of baking sheets and pans, because it also doubled as extra storage space:

when you're about to turn on the oven and then you remember you're hispanic #GrowingUpHispanic

22. The super-size 2.5 gallon bottle of Mazola (usually stored under the sink) that she would have to pour into another, smaller container so she could use it more easily:

A 2.5 gallon bottle of Mazola

23. A container full of Sweet'N Low, Equal, and sugar packets that she had taken from restaurants over the years:

A close up of a dish holding various different sugar packets
Sharon Pruitt / Getty Images

24. This photo of Jesus, which creeped you out 'cause the eyes would follow you everywhere:

A picture of Jesus looking directly towards you

25. This exact entertainment center and TV set up...

A '90s TV entertainment center with a '90s TV and VCR

26. ...or a TV like this, which your abuela refused to replace 'cause it still worked and she saw nothing wrong with it:

An old '70s TV would wood surround

27. These icons always on her TV screen — and you could never interrupt her when she was watching them:

These people ran your TV #GrowingUpHispanic

28. Towels for DECORATION, not DRYING, in the bathroom:

Fancy brown and green towels hanging on a towel bar

29. A bottle of Agua de Violetas...

A bottle of Agua de Violetas which is clear with purple perfume inside of it and violets on the label

30. ...and Jean Nate always on her bathroom counter:

A bottle of Jean Nate next to the packing it comes in

31. Of course, there was always a jar or two of Vicks VapoRub sitting out somewhere around her house:

A jar of Vick VapoRub

32. And also the small tin of VapoRub that was on her nightstand:

A small tin of Vicks VapoRub

33. Several recuerditos from weddings, quinceañeras, and baptisms she had been to over the last couple of decades:

A small bottle with white beads inside and blue ribbon tied around it and with 15 written on it

34. And a collection of vases that she had from the centerpieces she took from weddings and quinceañeras:

A collection of six clear crystal vases

35. A collection of religious candles:

Three Catholic religious candles

36. These house slippers:

Six different mesh sandals in purple, yellow, teal, black, red, and brown

37. And finally, the 15 different containers of Country Crock in the kitchen — which had everything but butter in them:

Five containers of Country Crock opened all showing different foods inside of it.

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