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30 Very, Very, Very Random '90s Things That Anyone Between The Ages Of 36–47 Hasn't Thought About In 25 Years And Maybe Even Longer

Be prepared to be hit by a wave of memories.

1. MTV's Singled Out, which always had like 35 contestants who would get eliminated in the first round:

A man sitting center stage on MTV's 'Singled Out' game show with host and contestants in the background

2. Rosie O'Donnell playing different games with the audience in a segment on her show that aired before the guests came out:

Rosie O'Donnell and a guest stand together smiling in a talk show setting with an audience behind them

3. The Jack in the Box car antenna topper — also, just antenna toppers in general:

Handmade car antenna topper resembling a snowman face with a yellow cone hat

4. Cool Spot, that was the 7-Up mascot, and that I never realized was supposed to be the dot from the 7-Up logo:

Animated character Cool Spot wearing sunglasses, floating with a drink

5. Movie guide books that gave you reviews and quick synopses of hundreds of films so you could know which movie to pick the next time you were at the video store:

6. Pizza Hut's "The Pizza Head Show" commercials:

Person in a unique pizza-themed costume with large pepperoni eyes and a mouth

7. Steve Kmetko as the host of E! News Daily:

TV host in studio with 'E! News Daily' on screen, wearing a suit jacket, smiling at the camera

8. And Coming Attractions, which was literally a half-hour show of just movie trailers:

Two men on a screen; one speaking and one in a still image, both facing the camera, on a news show background

9. The Best of SNL VHS tapes your parents bought but never watched:

10. And the Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV! VHS tape that they would show commercials for late at night:

Jerry Springer holding two of his show's VHS tapes at an event

11. The Free Money guy who was always dressed like the Riddler in his commercials:

Matthew Lesko in a question mark suit holds a book and microphone outside a building

12. The Body Shop, with its green façade and bay window displays:

Exterior view of The Body Shop storefront in a mall, with visible products inside

13. And Suncoast Motion Picture Company, which had a huge selection of movies (that were all over-priced):

Front view of a Suncoast Motion Picture Company store entrance with visible signage and display of DVDs

14. The stamps that came with the Columbia House VHS order forms in the mail:

Catalog of classic movies available for selection on VHS, with titles and cover images displayed for ordering

15. And the magazine stamps and ordering forms that came in the Publishers Clearing House mailer:

Wall of various vintage magazine subscription cards

16. The yellow and red plastic bags (that had that plasticky smell) that you'd get whenever you bought something at Tower Records:

Person holding a Tower Records bag, denim attire, hint of a black leather glove

17. Jon Stewart's late-night talk show on MTV:

Two people engaged in conversation on a TV show set

18. Mentadent toothpaste, which was the bougiest and messiest toothpaste you could get:

Photo of a Mentadent toothpaste dispenser and refill boxes

19. Cyber cafes, where you could buy a coffee and then log onto public computers and "surf the web":

Man working at a 1990s cybercafe with two bulky monitors, retro technology nostalgia

20. The "Diet Coke Break" commercial that featured female office workers thirsting over a shirtless construction worker:

Man in jeans with a construction backdrop, holding a tool, reminiscent of a scene from a past era

21. The Ricki Lake show and her audience yelling "GO RICKI! GO RICKI!" at least 12 times an episode:

Actress in a velvet dress holding a clapboard among a seated audience

22. How stores would place developed photos in a section where anyone could just grab your photos if they wanted to:

Rows of vintage Kodak film envelopes on a counter, suggesting a scene from a photo development lab

23. The car stereos that had the removal faceplate (which everyone would usually just put under the seat):

Hand removing a car's stereo system from the dashboard

24. Models Inc., the short-lived Melrose Place spin-off:

Five women posing in coordinated light outfits, smiling, evoking a sense of 90s nostalgia

25. Marky Mark's (aka Mark Wahlberg) home workout VHS tape. But also, all the other celebs that released home workout tapes:

VHS and case of "The Marky Mark Workout" featuring Mark Wahlberg in fitness attire

26. The sneaker phone that came free if you subscribed to Sports Illustrated:

A vintage-style sneaker with a coiled phone cord in place of a shoelace

27. The absolute trend phenomenon that was WonderBra:

A woman browses through Wonderbra lingerie on display next to promotional posters

28. All the extra labels that came with blank VHS tapes that no one would ever use:

VHS tape label with space for title, recording length indicators, content type icons, and alphabet for indexing

29. Drew Barrymore's infamous 1995 interview with David Letterman, where she jumped on his desk and flashed him:

Drew Barrymore jumps on David Letterman's desk on his show, expressing excitement

30. And lastly, Apple's "Think different" ad campaign which featured black and white photos of big cultural icons: