19 Things All Siblings Fought Over In The '90s

    So many tears shed over who got to play the Green Ranger.

    1. Who got to be player one on Super Nintendo:

    2. Who got to use the Lion King color changing spoon.

    3. Who got to play with the Gameboy first on a road trip.

    4. Who got to play the Green Ranger.

    5. Which Spice Girl you were.

    6. Who got to be what token in Monopoly.

    7. Who got to play the newest Barbie.

    8. The Fisher-Price Little People Parking Garage.

    9. Using the internet.

    10. The toys you got in a Happy Meal.

    11. Which movie to rent.

    12. The TV remote control.

    13. The last orange flavored Flintstones Push Up.

    14. Scented markers.

    15. CDs.

    16. Nickelodeon magazine.

    17. Portable CD players.

    18. Beanie Babies

    19. And finally, who got to the drive the ~car~.