11 Things You'd Only Know If You Lived Through The '90s Because They're Very Much Forgotten About Or Completely Skipped Over Today

    You just had to be there.

    If you've been on TikTok or are around young Gen Z or Gen Alpha kids, then you know some of them really, really have an affinity for '90s culture — the clothes, the music, the movies, etc.

    And honestly, there are many, many things to appreciate and love about the '90s. However, if you lived through them then you know there are a lot of things that '90s nostalgia today gets wrong or just skips over completely.

    So, it was with that in mind that I put together a list of things that will make millennials and Gen X'ers say, "Yup! That was very much the '90s," and give Gen Z and Alpha a look into what life was like:

    1. Most people did not own computers.

    Posh Spice sitting in front of PC in the 1990s

    2. Very old people during that time were from an era before sliced bread, chocolate chip cookies, and television were invented.

    George Burns in a gray suit, seated with a cigar, at a celebratory event

    3. Smoking was frowned upon but still very common.

    Close-up of a person smoking a lit cigarette, with smoke rising from the tip

    4. People watched the same TV shows.

    5. People didn't have huge VHS movie collections and did actually rent a lot of movies.

    Exterior of a Blockbuster Video store with a person pushing a stroller passing by

    6. Not everyone lived in homes decorated with '90s interior design trends.

    Elegant staircase with wooden banister, floral chair, and chandelier; no persons visible

    7. Celebrities from the '40s and '50s were still very much part of the cultural zeitgeist.

    8. People did not take a lot of photos.

    A scattered collection of assorted family photographs spread out on a surface

    9. Titanic was an unexpected blockbuster movie; in fact, most people thought it was going to be a box-office bomb.

    A man in a tuxedo kisses the hand of a woman in an embellished gown on the Titanic's grand staircase

    10. People refused to wear seat belts while driving.

    Two people in crash test dummy costumes for a demonstration or event

    11. Lastly: We lived in a media black hole.

    Hand holding a smartphone with YouTube logo crossed out, indicating prohibition or censorship

    Okay, folks who lived through the '90s, do you remember these things? Did they sound right? What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!!!