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29 Extremely Specific Things That'll Only Make Sense If You Were A Latino Kid Who Grew Up In The '90s

I think we can all agree: Marimar > Rosalinda

1. How every evening, it was all about watching Primer Impacto...

Two hosts sitting at the desk of Primer Impacto
Angel Montero/

2. ...especially to see their sensational stories about the chupacabra...

A screenshot of a host of Primer Impacto talking about the chupacbara

3. ...and to hear Walter Mercado dramatically read horoscopes (and your mom would always shush you when he was reading hers):

A publicity photo of Walter Mercado, where he is wearing a red cape with gold accents and has his arms crossed
Harry Langdon / Getty Images

4. Occasionally hearing an English-speaking artist do a Spanish version of their latest hit song:

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5. Being woken up early on Saturday mornings to your mom or abuelita listening to these Luis Miguel albums while cleaning:

WEA Latina

6. Having your mom call every video game system you owned a "Nintendo," whether it was or not:

A set of hands holding a Sony PlayStation remote
Robert Lachman / Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag

7. For some reason, always having these vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies in your pantry:

A stack of vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies on plate next to a glass of milk
Msphotographic / Getty Images

8. Never knowing if there was actually margarine in this container, or if it was leftovers or salsa...the possibilities of what it held inside were endless:

A container of Country Crock margarine

9. Knowing you were going to get a "no" if you asked your parents if you could sleep over at a friend's house — and if they did say "yes," you had to prepare to basically give them their parents' social security numbers and credit score, 'cause they needed to know EVERYTHING about your friend's parents:


10. Watching Sábado Gigante on Saturday nights with your family:

A screenshot of Don Fransisco interviewing Enrique Iglesias on "Sábado Gigante"

11. And having a love-hate relationship with La Cuatro (she was kinda of annoying, tbh):

A photo of La Cuatro titling her head at event
Vince Bucci / Getty Images

12. Watching El Show de Cristina during the afternoons, which was always a great mix of celebs and crazy topics:

A photo Cristina Saralegui dancing with the audience behind her applauding on the set of her show
Jeffery Salter / The LIFE Images Collection via G

13. Flipping through TV y Novelas and TVNotas to read the gossip about your favorite Latinx celebrities. And flipping through Vanidades for its fancy pictorial spreads:

The logos for TV y Novelas, Vanidades, and TVNotes magazines
TV y Novelas/ Vanidades/ TVNotes

14. Being a little creeped out by the people in costumes that appeared on Xuxa:

Xuxa standing next to a man in a Panda costume wearing human clothes
Mtm Enterprises Inc. / MTM Enterprises Inc. / courtesy Everett Collection

15. And knowing at least one kid (or maybe it was you?) who was obsessed with their Xuxa jellies and wore them ALL THE TIME:


16. Knowing that there was a 99% chance you would hear Maná's "Oye Mi Amor"...

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17. ...Los Fabulosos Cadillacs' "Matador"...

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18. ...and Celia Cruz's "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" at any birthday party, quinceañera, or wedding you went to:

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19. Going to at least one birthday party that had one of these doll cakes:

A photo of a Barbie-esque doll with a pink and cream-colored dress made of frosting
Twilightshow / Getty Images

20. And having it be a tres leches cake:

A slice of tres leches cake with a strawberry on it.
Debbismirnoff / Getty Images

21. Also, going to birthday parties that had knock-off character piñatas:

22. Having your mom and abuelita (and probably yourself too) being completely enthralled with the storylines on Corazón Salvaje, Esmeralda...


23. ...and Dos Mujeres, Un Camino (which had a super-catchy theme song):

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24. And you never missing an episode of the ultimate teen telenovela, Agujetas de Color de Rosa:

A screenshot of the an ice skater next to the logo of "Agujetas de Color de Rosa" from the intro

25. Getting into Shakira during her Dónde Están los Ladrones era (which is still her best album, NGL):

Sony Music

26. Totally remembering Ricky Martin from his early-'90s long hair days (before he crossovered in the late '90s):

Ricky Martin performing a concert with shoulder-length hair and wearing only a vest
Barry King / WireImage

27. And not being able to escape his World Cup anthem, "La Copa de la Vida," in the summer of '98:

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28. Listening to Selena's Amor Prohibido over and over (and having this image of her engraved in your mind):

The classic cover of Selena's Amor Prohbido album which features her titling her head to the side, while wearing hoop earnings, a ruffled collar blouse, and black leather jacket
EMI Latin

29. And finally, never, never, ever missing any Thalía telenovela and having its theme song always stuck in your head:

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