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    Posted on Aug 8, 2013

    These Adorable 1940s Naval Cats Had Their Own Hammocks

    The hard working kitties did a purr-fect job in serving their country.

    Known as ship's cat, these heroic felines have been a common feature on ships since ancient times. They are of value not only for providing protection from rodents, but also as morale boosters.

    The spread of mass communication during World War II, led to a number of ship's cats becoming celebrities in their own right.

    1. Photo of Saipan, mascot of the USS New Mexico. He was recused after the battle of Saipan in 1944.

    2. Eagle relaxing aboard his ship the HMS Eagle.

    3. Photo of Convoy the cat, taking a much-needed nap aboard the HMS Hermione. He stood by his ship to the end and was lost, along with 87 of his crewmates, when the ship was torpedoed by a German submarine and sunk on June 16, 1942.

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