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If You're Younger Than 35 Then You Are Going To Fail This Quiz

If you know more than 12 YouTubers then this quiz isn't for you!

  1. Finish these lyrics: Jem (Jem is excitement)/ Ooh, Jem (Jem is adventure)

    Shout Factory!
  2. What Paula Abdul music video is this from?

    Sony Music
  3. What TV show is this?

    Getty Images/ABC
  4. He-man is the alter ego of?

    Warner Bros. Television
  5. What are the name of these dolls?

  6. This is an ad for?
  7. Who is this?

  8. Before moving to Beverly Hills the Walsh twins lived in which state?

    Photo by Mikel Roberts/Sygma via Getty Images
  9. What TLC music video is this from?

    Sony Music
  10. What album is this?

    Sony Music
  11. What was the name of the high school on Daria?

  12. What was NOT a Gap scent?

  13. This dancer appeared in the opening credits for what TV show?

  14. This owl appeared in a commercial for what candy?
  15. This was a mascot for what fast-food chain?
  16. Alicia Silverstone appeared in three music videos for what band?

  17. In which Real World did this fight happen?

  18. What men's store became Express (for men)?

  19. What Madonna music video is this from?

  20. What did these flowers do?

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