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    The "Saved By The Bell" Comic Has To Be The Worst Comic Book Series Ever

    In the early '90s, our favorite Baysiders got the comic book treatment, and it was strange.

    The first issue, where they didn't even bother to illustrate the cover.

    This issue had to be a dream, I mean look at Mr. Belding, he's thin and has a full head of hair.

    Apparently Zack gets "racing fever" for tic-tac-toe.

    So, somehow, Screech can control the weather?

    Kelly, completely out of character, becomes a stuck-up model and decides to leave Bayside. That's a big NOPE. I mean this is totally only something Lisa would do.

    The "Special Holiday Issue" that just recycled the same photo as the first issue.


    This not at all inappropriate issue where Jessie, Kelly, and Lisa provide the entertainment for Zack’s scorching bachelor party!

    Sidenote: This would have made for an awesome episode on the show.

    Also, it's nice of Slater to be concerned about the kind of cake the girls are popping out of.

    While it might have been short-lived -- lasting only five issues and two specials -- the comic book series proved that you can't improve on perfection.

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