Reminder: This Was Life In 2006

OMG, The Hills premiered a decade ago!

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5. Oprah confronted James Frey on her show for fabricating his memoir A Million Little Pieces.

Oprah had selected the book as part of her illustrious Oprah's Book Club the previous year.

6. A posthumous Audrey Hepburn appeared in a Gap commercial while dancing along to AC/DC's "Back in Black."

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The footage used was from her 1957 film Funny Face.

11. Daniel Powter had the biggest song of the year with "Bad Day" and you pretty much couldn't escape it.

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14. And for the first time you could buy full-length movies on iTunes -- and strain your eyes in the process as you tired to watch them on your iPod.

18. High School Musical first aired on Disney Channel, introducing us to Zac Efron and some other people whom no one remembers.