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    22 Toys That'll Leave You Reminiscing About The Good Old Days

    You didn't need an iPhone app to keep you entertained!

    1. Gravity balancing bird:

    Putting this bird on the tip of your finger felt like you were doing magic.

    2. Waterful Ring-Toss:

    Yes, this was a lot of fun to play — mainly 'cause it took ~skills~ and patience to get the rings on the hooks. But, there was always a moment when you were playing with this that you felt like throwing it against the wall out of frustration.

    3. Coin pocket keychain:

    Sure, these weren't really toys. But, think about all the fun had playing with these; whether it was using them to hide small toys or using them as fake mouths and making them talk.

    4. Domino Rally:

    Honestly, putting together your course was way, way more fun than actually knocking it down — which is something you probably procrastinated in doing.

    5. Art supply kit:

    There was nothing better than the feeling of endless creative possibilities you felt whenever you opened one of these.

    6. Mad Libs:

    You basically just cracked yourself up the entire time you wrote up one of these short stories.

    7. Snoopy Sno-cone Machine:

    LBH, these never tasted all that great. But, the fact that you made a sugary treat for yourself all on your own made it GREAT!

    8. Echo Mic:

    This was the PERFECT microphone to do your lip-synching with.

    9. Cat's cradle:

    This is one of those games that started off as fun and then got really intense the further you went along. There was a lot of pressure not to be the one to fuck it all up.

    10. Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Kit:

    There has never been a more accurate book title. This literally had you entertained, from the rest stop to the next gas station or food stop, on those long car trips. All you had to do was put on your Walkman and play along with one of the activities, and you'd be in your world.

    11. Sidewalk chalk:

    There was nothing better than creating your own elaborate hopscotch with one of these.

    12. Pooping animal keychains:

    This was inevitably the one souvenir you'd pick out for yourself during your family vacation.

    13. Poppers:

    The anticipation of seeing these fly up was both suspenseful and terrifying.

    14. Hacky sack:

    These were fun either to play on your own or with a group of friends. You just had to be careful not to ruin them by getting them wet.

    15. Clackers:

    You usually had one of these all of a week before it would mysteriously disappear (aka your parents would get sick of the clacking sound and hide it).

    16. Fiber optic wands:

    These oh-so-pretty light up toys usually never lasted more than a few weeks before they crapped out, but LBH, those few weeks were so magical.

    17. Koosh balls:

    As much fun as it was to play with these, the real appeal of them was the smell. Like 90% of the time you spent playing with these you were really just sniffing them.

    18. Monster finger puppets:

    These were the perfect toy to take along with you when you ran errands with your mom ‘cause they fit in your pocket and if it got lost it was no big deal; you usually had like seven more at home.

    19. Water snakes:

    To be fair, these were just weird AF. But, the gross feeling of trying to hold them did make them entertaining.

    20. Plastic army soldiers:

    These were sold everywhere and were CHEAP. Meaning you could literally amass an army of them and have some epic battles. You just needed to be careful NOT to step on one of these guys.

    21. Sticky Hands:

    It was fun just to toss it against the wall and watch them slowly fall.

    22. And finally, Happy Meal toys:

    The ultimate simple toy! Nothing was more fun than going to McDonald's and seeing the toy you REALLY wanted inside your Happy Meal!!!!

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