The Most Late ’90s Photo Ever Isn’t From The ’90s

Seriously, the picture even looks like it was taken with a Game Boy camera.

1. Behold, the most perfect late ’90s photo ever taken:

It is ’90s perfection.

2. But, shockingly this photo of Bill Clinton hanging out with Britney Spears and NSYNC is not from the ’90s, it’s actually from 2001.

3. The photo was taken at the A Family Celebration 2001 charity event. But, aside from NYSNC and Britney Spears, the event did bring out a few of our favorite ’90s stars.

4. Like Carson Daly, who brought some TRL realness (and a three-button suit) to the event.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

5. And Marc Anthony, who I assume performed “I Need To Know.”

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

6. There was also a mini Ally McBeal meet-up on the red carpet:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Kevin Winter / Getty Images


7. And, of course, NYSNC performed as well, alongside mega-producer David Foster.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Even though Gloria Estefan doesn’t appear to be there, I wonder if they sang the Foster-produced, 1999, NSYNC duet track “Music Of My Heart.”

8. But there was one really big ’90s reunion that night: BILL CLINTON AND HIS SAX!

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

And, actually, this might be the most ’90s photo of all time.

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