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The Definitive Ranking Of The 15 Best "Disney Afternoon" Villains

Let's be honest, these baddies were the real reason you tuned in every weekday afternoon.

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15. Colonel Ivanod Spigot, TaleSpin

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Colonel of the Air Force in Thembria (a Soviet-esque country that borders TaleSpin’s main city, Cape Suzette), Spigot constantly tries to take down Baloo and steal his cargo.

Villainous threat level: 2 out of 10. The diminutive and klutzy colonel never posed any real threat to Baloo, Kit, or the city of Cape Suzette.

14. Magica De Spell, DuckTales

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Magica is an evil witch who believed that stealing Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime would help her achieve greater powers.

Villainous threat level: 2½ out of 10. Magica’s spells backfired on her too much to make her an effective villain.

13. Professor Norton Nimnul, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: An evil scientist whose plans for world domination are constantly thwarted by the Rescue Rangers.

Villainous threat level: 3 out of 10. Mainly because he was bent on causing the havoc and destruction of humans and not too concerned with defeating the Rescue Rangers.


12. Don Karnage, TaleSpin

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Don Karnage is the swashbuckling leader of the notorious Air Pirates and captain of the airship the Iron Vulture. He constantly schemed to seize Baloo’s cargo.

Villainous threat level: 3½ out of 10. Don Karnage was way too into himself to pose a legitimate threat.

11. The Collector, Bonkers

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: The Collector was a crazy cartoon-obsessed human; his obsession not only drove him to dress like an animated version of Freddy Krueger, but also led him to kidnap toons and turn them into stone.

Villainous threat level: 4 out of 10. The Collector was legitimately frightening and a bit dark.

10. Fat Cat, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Crime boss Fat Cat took over the criminal underworld after his owner Aldrin Klordane (who was a mob boss himself) was incarcerated.

Villainous threat level: 4 ½ out of 10. Mainly because Fat Cat was, above all, ruthless, and determined to kill the Rescue Rangers.

9. The Beagle Boys, DuckTales

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Lead by Ma Beagle, the Beagle Boys were a gang of criminals (ex-cons?) who were bent on stealing all the gold out of Scrooge McDuck’s vault.

Villainous threat level: 5 out of 10. Ma Beagle was the only real brains of the operation, but her plans were constantly thwarted by her children’s incompetence.


8. Flintheart Glomgold, DuckTales

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Glomgold was Scrooge McDuck's almost equally as rich archrival who wanted more than anything to take the "World's Richest Duck” title away from him.

Villainous threat level: 5½ out of 10. Conniving and greedy, Glomgold would stop at nothing to destroy Scrooge McDuck.

7. Shere Khan, TaleSpin

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Wealthy Cape Suzette businessman Shere Khan constanly looked to expand his company and wealth by driving small companies out of business.

Villainous threat level: 6 out of 10. While Shere Khan was determined to drive Baloo out of business, he did not dislike him and would sometimes align himself with him (when it benefited him of course).

6. The Pack, Gargoyles

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: The Pack were a group of warriors put together by David Xanatos (the main Gargoyles villain) to star in a TV show. Xanatos actually created the show as a way to secretly test and train the Pack on how to hunt and kill the Gargoyles.

Villainous threat level: 6½ out of 10. The Pack were a legitimate threat and managed to outsmart the Gargoyles a few times.

5. Megavolt, Darkwing Duck

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Mild-mannered nerd Elmo Sputterspark is turned into the evil Megavolt, after his high school science experiment goes wrong and gives him the power to generate and control electricity.

Villainous threat level: 7 out of 10. While Megavolt has great powers, his mental instability and his weakness around water makes him easy to defeat by Darkwing.


4. David Xanatos, Gargoyles

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: New York billionaire David Xanatos awakens the Gargoyles from their spell in attempt to control them.

Villainous threat level: 7 ½ out of 10. While David Xanatos was a formidable and cunning adversary to the Gargoyles, he eventually becomes a quasi ally to the group.

3. Negaduck, Darkwing Duck

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: Darkwing Duck’s “evil twin” created by Megavolt, who has a penchant for using chainsaws and flamethrowers to get his way.

Villainous threat level: 8 out of 10. Negaduck was without a doubt the most psychotic character on The Disney Afternoon.

2. Duke Sigmund Igthorn, Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Walt Disney Television Animation

Background: A once-great knight who was forced into exile for treason, Duke Igthorn plots to kidnap the Gummi Bears in order to steal their powerful Gummiberry Juice, which he hopes will help take over Castle Dunwyn (the human friends of the Gummi Bears home).

Villainous threat level: 8½ out of 10. Duke Igthorn did eventually succeed in destroying the Gummi's home and taking over Castle Dunwyn.

1. Demona, Gargoyles

Background: Once a member of the Gargoyles clan, Demona’s deep hatred of humans led her to betray the castle and its inhabitants that she was sworn to protect, by letting it be raided by Vikings. The raid caused the murder of her entire clan (except for a few survivors who were put under a sleeping spell). Demona spent the next 1,000 years amassing a great fortune and plotting her revenge.

Villainous threat level: 10 out of 10. Demona might be Disney’s greatest anti-hero in any genre. Her deep need for revenge drives her to make several attempts at exterminating the entire human race, but unlike most villains the motives for her actions aren’t driven out of evil, but rather for a greater good for her species and her love of Goliath.