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    The Best Toy Line No One Remembers: “Food Fighters”

    "Combat at its kookiest!"

    Food Fighters was an action figure line released by Mattel in 1988. The line consisted of ten figures that were divided into two armies:

    The "good guys" were the Kitchen Commandos, lead by Burgerdier General.

    And the "bad guys" Refrigerator Rejects, lead by Mean Weener.

    Other figures in line included, Private Pizza, Lieutenant Legg, Fat Frenchy, Taco Terror and Chip the Ripper.

    Food Fighters commercial (in French):

    View this video on YouTube

    There were even plans to release their very own refrigerator playset, complete with “frozen popsicle” missiles and “juice can” bombs. But, the playset never came to fruition.


    Unlike other toy lines at the time, Food Fighters was not associated with a cartoon, comic book or movie. The toys failed to catch on and by 1989 the line was discontinued.

    Today on eBay, sealed in the package figures go as high as $50, while whole lots command as much as $225.


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