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The Best "Simpsons"-Themed Foods To Eat At Universal Studios' Springfield Land


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Recently, BuzzFeed got every Simpsons fan's dream and toured Universal Studios Hollywood's new Springfield land. While the area is full of inside jokes and iconic buildings (like Moe's Tavern and Krusty Burger), it was trying the Simpsons-inspired food that got us the most excited — these foods were finally coming to life. Did they live up to how we always imagined they would taste? Well, here are our thoughts on what was good and what you should maybe skip.


Just to be clear, Universal's version of a Flaming Moe contains no alcohol. It's also not even purple, as you can see from the picture below. It tastes like very sweet orange soda, which is not a bad thing, with bubbles and a smoke effect made possible by a few dry ice chips (in the bottom of the drink and separated by a grate). It's definitely Springfield's signature drink, the way Butterbeer is to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's also served in a smaller cup, which for something this sweet is just the perfect amount.

Universal makes an array of Lard Lad doughnuts that come in extra-large sizes (probably a regular Homer size): traditional pink with sprinkles, which was fluffy and moist; maple bacon, which tasted like breakfast; s'mores, which comes topped with caramelized marshmallows; and jalapeño chocolate, which was a good blend of spicy and sweet. If you have the appetite and like doughnuts (and really, who doesn't?), definitely give these a try. They do not disappoint.


The Ribwich, unlike the version on the TV show, is surprisingly good. It's a pulled pork sandwich topped with BBQ sauce, pickles, and a sweet coleslaw. The one I had was accompanied by crispy waffle fries that were delicious and not greasy, which is ALWAYS a plus.

A super-tasty alternative for anyone who doesn't eat meat (I could not confirm whether this burger is also vegan friendly). Best of all, it is topped with guacamole, which doesn't cost extra.


Universal brews Duff Beer from its very own special recipe, and it comes in three flavors: Regular Duff, Dry, and Duff Lite. The best part is that they come in a Moe's Tavern pint glass (OK, it's plastic, but still) that you can keep.


This sundae is indulgent to say the least. It's a large pink doughnut that sandwiches ice cream, with your choice of topping (strawberries in my case), along with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It was fantastic and definitely great for sharing.

The Krusty Burger was sadly a bit underwhelming. It is by no means a bad or awful-tasting burger — in fact, it's better than any theme park hamburger I've ever had and better than most food restaurants — but it's not anything to write home about (or wait 30 minutes in line to order).


The Clogger Burger is a double-patty Krusty Burger topped with smoky bacon. While it tastes similar to the Krusty Burger, the sheer size of it is enough to put you in a food coma — which isn't what you want to happen at a theme park.

I would avoid the Sideshow Bob Foot Long Hot Dog, unless you really like hot dogs. It tastes a bit bland, and is overwhelmingly big, so you would need to have a Homer-size appetite to finish one.

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