The Beatles Performing The Chemical Brothers' "Setting Sun"

    Blasphemy? Yes, but also all sorts of amazing.

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    While the video may be blasphemous to hardcore Beatles fans, there is an actual connection between “Setting Sun” and the band.

    The Chemical Brothers have stated that the classic Beatles track "Tomorrow Never Knows" is their "manifesto" and that "Setting Sun" (which features Oasis' Noel Gallagher on vocals) is a tribute to it.

    When “Setting Sun” was released in 1996 the song immediately hit No. 1 on the UK charts. At the time many people assumed the track had sampled “Tomorrow…,” the three surviving Beatles even took legal action against The Chemical Brothers and Virgin Records for copyright infringement, accusing the band of sampling the original - in particular a portion of the drum loop.

    The case was dismissed, The Chemical Brothers proved they had independently created their own drum loop.

    Here's a bonus vid of them performing "Smack My Bitch Up":

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