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    The 9 Types Of '90s TV Bad-Boy Boyfriends

    These were the boys your mother warned you about!

    1. The Egomaniac: Stefan Urquelle - "Family Matters"

    Steve Urkel developed “Cool Juice” that suppressed his nerd genes turning him into his alter ego Stefan. Laura Winslow quickly falls for Stefan, but things turned once he showed himself to be a self-centered egomaniac.

    2. The Slacker: Trent Lane - "Daria"

    Trent was your typical unmotivated 90’s slacker. He had no job, lived at home, drove around in a crappy car and performed with his unsuccessful band, Mystik Spiral.

    3. The Drifter: Shawn Hunter - "Boy Meets World"

    Shawn had the complete bad boy background, the popular kid in school, he lived in a trailer park and then had both parents abandon him. He later finds out that his birthmother was not the woman who raised him. As he is moving around from home-to-home, he constantly runs away and struggles with depression.

    4. The Burnout: Daniel Desario - "Freaks and Geeks"

    Daniel Desario one of the “freaks” of McKinley High School. A burnout who is never in class and is always fighting with his girlfriend.

    5. The Instigator: Mark Healy - "Roseanne"

    After eloping with Becky, Mark Healy becomes a thorn in the Conner’s side. He is especially disliked by Roseanne, he constantly disrespect’s her and is one of the only characters to go toe-to-toe with her.

    6. The Mysterious Stoner: Jordan Catalano - "My So-Called Life"

    The bane of Angela Chase’s high school existence, Jordan was a rebel, with some serious learning disabilities and apparently was always high.

    7. The Rich Loner: Dylan McKay - "Beverly Hills, 90210"

    Dylan McKay was the “bad-boy loner” at West Beverly High. Not helping his case for the Walsh’s not being thrilled that he was dating their daughter Brenda, was that his father who was a convicted a criminal and his mother was new age hippie and that both left him with no parental supervision, he lived alone while still a minor in high school. He also had issues with drugs and alcohol. Then he began an affair with Kelly Taylor behind Brenda’s back (she was in Paris).

    8. The After School Special: Ray Pruit - "Beverly Hills, 90210"

    Struggling musician/construction worker Ray Pruit was a Lifetime Movie of the Week/After School Special come to life (or at least to a teen/young adult soap-opera). He is from the wrong side of the tracks and which makes him insecure in his relationship with Donna Martin. After emotional abusing Donna, he becomes physical resulting in him tossing her down a staircase. To top it off he had an affair with Donna’s frenemy Valerie Malone.

    9. The Split Personality Vampire: Angel - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

    Angel was a 242 year-old Vampire that terrorized Buffy and the Scooby Gang and some how over and over is accepted by them. Aside from being cursed with a soul and has demonic split personality named Angelus.

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