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The 22 Most Hilariously Awkward Christmas Autocorrect Fails Ever

Apparently all we want to do is to "kiss under the cameltoe"!

1. How do you even wrap a gift like that?

2. I'm actually more concerned by the fact that this person is Christmas shopping for their mother at the gas station:

3. Interesting place to share a kiss during a party:

4. I guess this is what you get the person who has everything?

5. This is a very niche fetish party:

6. Ewww... Crocs, that is so vile:

7. Wow, Hallmark has really expanded its Keepsake ornaments line:

8. Let's be honest, grandmas need booty too!

9. Talk about Santa sliding down your chimney:

10. At least put a little extra virgin olive oil on it:

11. Sounds like a fun dinner party:

12. Really, nothing says "Christmas" more than Ron Jeremy:

13. Maybe she'll bake treats for the office?

14. He just wants to protect his bald spot under her umbrella (ella ella eh eh eh):

15. A present that literally stinks:

16. Sounds itchy:

17. Yikes! Santa has really upped the kind of treats he wants:

18. Um. I don't even need that image in my head:

19. But the real question: Is it a two-hand process?

20. That's one way to make sure you get your holiday bonus!

21. What happened to just putting coal in their stocking?!

22. You know it's bad when the autocorrect actually makes it sound better: