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    The 21 Most Hilariously Awkward Dad Autocorrect Fails Ever


    1. Maybe he just really wants a grandchild?

    2. Explains why mom is so popular at work:

    3. Well that's one way to get someone motivated to clean:

    4. In his defense they do both involve meat and buns!

    5. This might explain why he wanted a Victoria's Secret gift card for Father's Day:

    6. He did say "please":

    7. Wow, TMI:

    8. I guess he was really excited about the upcoming visit:

    9. Don't you hate it when this happens:

    10. The doctor is asking him to cut out a lot of things:

    11. I heard it's good for the plants:

    12. Who knew they made strap-ons just for the elderly?

    13. Well, at least it's being kept somewhere safe:

    14. He just wants peace and quiet:

    15. They just want something juicy:

    16. Sometimes those all-natural home remedies really do work:

    17. At least he didn't Facebook it:

    18. But did it help with the bee stings?

    19. Well that's one way to make it a memorable Halloween for trick-or-treaters:

    20. Sometimes you've got to turn that fail into a winning BURN:

    21. And finally this Dad, who didn't need autocorrect to make things awkward: