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    21 Childhood Moments That'll Make You Say, "Oh Man, That Was The Worst!"

    #TBT to you calling your teacher "mom."

    1. When you'd get the ball stuck in a spot that was impossible to get to:

    2. When you'd get the same Happy Meal toy over and over:

    3. When the teacher would catch you trying to cheat:

    4. When you'd step on a Lego (or Barbie shoe) barefoot:

    5. When you'd have this absolutely terrifying moment in the middle of the night:

    6. When your eraser cap would decide to peace out in the middle of a test:

    7. When your favorite afternoon cartoon would get preempted 'cause of breaking news:

    8. When you'd go down a playground slide and have one of these things happen to you:

    9. When you'd have to go through this torture so that your orthodontist could get impressions of your mouth:

    10. When the VCR would destroy your favorite VHS tape:

    11. When you passed a note in class and the teacher caught you, and then read the note aloud:

    12. When this inevitably happened to your three-ring binder:

    13. When you'd spill milk or juice all over yourself 'cause there was a crack in your straw:

    14. When your fingers would get caught in the wheels of this useless P.E. contraption:

    15. When your works of art turned into a smudgy, smudgy mess 'cause you used generic crayons:

    16. When this would happen to your yellow marker:

    17. When you'd find out that your parents or siblings were listening on a call between you and your friend from the other line:

    18. When you'd go trick-or-treating and get a bunch of these candies that you couldn't even get out of the wrapper:

    19. When you agreed to get only ONE toy out of the vending machine and you got the crappiest thing in there

    20. When your hair (if you had long hair) got stuck in the screws of these type of chairs:

    21. And finally, when you'd do this in front of the ENTIRE CLASS: