The 19 Most Important Leonardo DiCaprio Teen Pinup Poses Of The ’90s

You probably had most of these Leo photos taped to your bedroom walls.

1. When he gave us his best surprised face:

Leo manages to convincingly make us believe he is surprised — notice his mouth is open just enough. Also, great eyebrow and mouth coordination.

2. When he worked his over-the-shoulder smirk:

Look how his smirk is perfectly framed by two tousles of hair.

3. The time he gave us a peeing in the corner pose:

Face says, “sorry, but I really gotta take a leak!”

Also, what fifty-something biker lent him that jacket?!

4. The time he gave us an indifferent angsty teen pose:

We’ve all been there, Leo. We’ve all been there.

5. When he causally put his head on his hand:

Look how relaxed he looks!

6. When he put on his best thinking face:

The finger placement is crucial, look at how he placed it in the perfect spot on his cheek.

7. The time he gave us the all-important hand under the chin pose:

It was the essential high school senior photo pose of the ’90s.

8. When he worked his puppy dog eyes:

And he did it while doing the hand under the chin pose!

9. When he served up a bad boy-next-door pose.

He’ll steal your lunch money and your heart.

10. The very important “lean in” pose.

Notice he is able to do it while he maintains one hand in his pocket.

11. His “hey, what’s up?” pose:

Or possible “I didn’t do it” pose.

12. When he gave his best “aw-shucks” face:

Look at him, that is the picture of humble. Take notes, Taylor Swift.

13. The time he made this dreamy face and you just melted looking at it:

This photo adorned many lockers and bedroom walls in the ’90s.

14. When he paid homage to Tony Montana:

15. When he gave us this pensive soda drinker pose.


16. His “OMG, I just got caught with a supermodel at a club at 2:00 a.m.” face:

He’s had a lot of practice with that face over the years.

17. When he gave an over-the-top smize.

That’s right, Tyra, Leo has been smizing since the ’90s!

18. When he gave us the “classic” Leo pose:

The pose that made you love him.

19. And lastly, prop posing!

The two of them are SO CUTE!!!

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