The 19 Most Expensive Pieces Of N’SYNC Memorabilia On eBay

Time to say “bye bye bye” to your paycheck.

19. Press kit from 1998, $24.99

Wait, NSYNC appeared on a Kathie Lee Christmas?!

18. Backstage Pass Game, $29.98

Just an FYI, it’s not a password that gets you backstage.

17. Bucket hat, $38.99

Rock this hat like it’s 1999!

16. #1 Fan [Groupie] Barbie, $40

15. Best Buy bobblehead set, $49.99

Handcrafted to look nothing like NSYNC.

14. Limited edition NSNYC bears, $49.99

Basically, a claw crane plush bear with a custom T-shirt.

13. Vintage 1995 T-Shirt, $75

Get a T-shirt from before you were even aware the band existed.

12. A lot of 24 bumper stickers, $60

Dot matrix printer paper sold separately.

11. A lot of 18 maxi and import singles, $91.99

10. No Strings Attached Tour crew T-Shirt set, $99


Just try not to imagine the sweaty roadie who wore this.

9. “Rare Afghan” blanket, $99.99

8. Marionette doll set, $99.99

Recreate the “Bye Bye Bye” video in the privacy of your home or better yet make a Vine.

7. Tommy Bahama No Strings Attached Tour shirt, $115


Perfect gift for the dad who likes NSYNC.

6. Autographed No Strings Attached album, $375

5. Shirt worn by JC Chasez, $475


More importantly, is it washed?

4. Autographed June/July 2000 issue of Nickelodeon magazine, $489

Bonus: It comes with a Hey Arnold! comic.

3. RIAA Platinum and Gold record awards for *NSYNC, No Strings Attached, and Celebrity, $698.97

2. Life size plaster casts made of NYSNC for their “It’s Gonna Be Me” music video, $995

Here is the description for these creepy death masks:

“Original life casts from all the members of NSYNC. The band was life cast for their hit music video “It’s Gunna Be Me”! The band was made up to look like, the now collectable, marionette dolls from their “No Strings Attached” album. Now you can own not only the entire band’s plaster bust, also included is back-up hair prosthetics painted and ready for application. These are original life casts and original prosthetic appliances!!! These would be great additions to any collection of life casts, music/movie props or NSYNC fan collector pieces!”

1. Teen People magazine, autographed by all five members, $1,700

RIP Teen People.

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