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The 16 Wisest Things Trent Lane Taught Us On "Daria"

Your favorite cartoon crush was deeper than you realize.

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1. Never be afraid to live by your own rules:

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2. There are always practical solutions to a problem:

3. Every once in a while, you should say something profound:

4. Or write something profound:

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5. It's OK to take a strong stance on something you detest:

6. You should be always be prepared to be pulled out of your comfort zone:

7. Have your priorities straight:

8. Always be honest with others about who you are:

9. Avoid doing things that make you feel down:

10. Never let a moment pass by where you could be perfecting your craft:

11. Listen to your intuition:

12. Always be a perfect host whenever you have guests come over:

13. Having a drink, or two, is the perfect way to deal with a stressful situation:

14. You should always put lots of thought and effort into your look:

15. You can ALWAYS rebrand yourself:

16. And finally, that there is NO such thing as too much sleep:

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