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The 12 Best Moments From Courtney Love's Infamous 1995 VMA Interview

Madonna summed up this now classic interview best when she quipped, "Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now."

Back in 1995, an attention-starved Courtney Love decided to crash a live post-VMA interview between Madonna and Kurt Loder outside Radio City Music Hall. What followed was one of the craziest and most awkward moments in MTV history.

1. The craziness starts when Courtney threw her MAC compact at Madonna.

2. As Kurt Loder called Courtney up, Madonna was clearly thinking to herself, LOL, this is not going to go well.

3. Courtney then has a whole “Hey, I hope I am not interrupting anything” exchange.

4. In the middle of the interview, Courtney begins having an entire conversation with Tabitha Soren — who was completely off camera. But to the viewers it just seemed like she was talking to the voices in her head.

5. Madonna proceeded to throw some not-so-subtle shade about Courtney's drug use.

6. Courtney then told a story about how Kurt Cobain said she was just like Madonna.

7. And Madonna was like um, no.

8. Then a clearly fed-up Madonna got the fuck out of there.

9. And Courtney was like, "Gurrl, please don't hate me."

10. Courtney told this lie:

11. Tabitha and Courtney awkwardly made up on camera, and she was like, “Bitch, I love you, but stop being a hater."

12. The best moment? When telling a story of how she slept with Ted Nugent, this happened:

Madonna and Courtney 1995 VMA interview:

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