The 11 Most Traumatizing Moments From "Return To Oz"

    The movie that traumatized ‘80s kids everywhere.

    Now let's relive the horror:

    1. A worried Aunt Em takes Dorothy to a creepy insane asylum to get her treated for what she assumes is made-up memories about Oz.

    2. Dorothy is strapped down in a stretcher and taken to receive electroshock therapy.

    3. Dorothy almost drowns in a river during a storm in her attempt to escape the asylum.

    4. Creepy rocks act as spies for the new King of Oz, the Nome King. They watch and report Dorothy's every move.

    5. A dilapidated Emerald City is now protected by guards called Wheelers.

    6. A headless witch named Mombi now rules over the Emerald city.

    7. Dorothy befriend’s the creepy Jack Pumpkinhead, who asks her if he can call her mom.

    8. In the most terrifying scene, Dorothy accidentally wakes up a sleeping Mombi while trying to retrieve a magical powder.

    9. The headless Mombi tries to go after Dorothy!

    10. While all the different heads in Mombi’s collection scream around her.

    11. Dorothy comes face-to-face with a giant angry Nome King who tries to eat Jack Pumpkinhead.

    Sweet dreams!