The 11 Most Essential Mid ’90s Back-To-School Teen Girls Fashion

How many of these trends did you sport on your first day of high school?

1. Iridescent accessories

Maybe it was the upcoming millennium that made everyone jump on this futuristic looking trend? Of course what this meant to you was that everything from your lunchbox purse, to your school supplies had to come in that oh-so-pretty rainbow hue.

2. Inky blue jeans

Before stonewashed jeans took over, it was all about inky blue jeans. The worst part of this trend: You could maybe wash these jeans twice before the color faded.

3. Chunky shoes

One of the most essential ’90s trends. Of course the chunkier the better, and who cared if they looked like orthopedic shoes.

4. Silver jewelry

That yin-yang necklace, mood rings, and toe rings had to be in silver, ‘cause gold was sooo garish.

5. Mocha-colored lips

Nothing said fall like mocha-shaded lips — which you, of course, reapplied at lunch (along with a spritz of Gap Dream) before stalking your crush.

6. Trippy prints

The more it looked like 1970s bathroom wallpaper the better.

7. Ribbed short-sleeve mock turtleneck sweaters

‘Cause your neck was cold, but not your arms?

8. Clothes and accessories coated in glitter.

If body glitter and makeup weren’t enough, then you could add to your glitter addiction by sporting one of those very itchy acrylic, but sparkly, sweaters.

9. Corduroy

Sure, those wale cord pants made a loud whoosh-whoosh sound whenever you walked, but it was a small price to pay for looking like a member of Veruca Salt.

10. Knee-high boots

An awesome 1960s throwback trend, that had the added benefit of making your shins sweat.

11. Chinese-influenced fashion

From faux-silk Mandarin collar dresses to lotus flower print shoes to Chinese takeout box purses, for a moment there was nothing cooler than Chinese-influenced/inspired clothing. And the biggest perpetrator of this trend: Chinese Laundry!

Images come from the September 1995 and August 1996 issues of Seventeen magazine, via Sale into the 90s.

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