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    The 10 Funniest Exercises From Marvel Comics' Weird Fitness Book

    This extremely rare book features everybody's favorite Marvel characters demonstrating some slightly ridiculous exercises. But it does beg the question: Do superheroes really need to workout?

    Published in 1976, the Strength and Fitness Book is a fitness guide that showed off the iconic Marvel superheroes’ own fitness routines. Unfortunately, the exercises recommend in this book do very little for getting non-superheroes into shape.

    1. I hope Medusa didn't exert herself with that eye-rolling exercise...

    2. ...or her hair pulling exercise (?!).

    3. For anyone needing help on learning how to jump, Silver Surfer is here.

    4. Why do sit-ups, when you can just roll back and forth until you get sick!

    5. I doubt that's all Thor did to get those biceps.

    6. It's nice that Sue Storm's self-esteem is tied into what Dr. Reed thinks about her.

    7. Luke Cage proves there is never a bad time to throw shade:

    8. Spidey likes to show off his muffet...

    9. ...and how flexible he is.

    I mean really flexible.

    10. Finally we have the most challenging exercise: roaring. You might need to build up to this one, so it might be best to start slow, like just yawning.