Season 4, Volume 2 Of "Stranger Things" Essentially Confirmed That Will Is Gay, And Fans Had Some Hilarious Reactions To It

    "Will Byers cant die yet, he still has to find out that being gay is okay."

    🚨 There are some spoilers ahead for Stranger Things 4, Volume 2! 🚨

    As you probably already know (or else why would you click on this post?), Volume 2 of Stranger Things dropped last Friday — just in time for the long holiday weekend.

    The epic last two episodes of Season 4 actually answered a lot of questions. Like, that it was Vecna all along (sung to the tune of "Agatha All Along").

    And of course, that yes, Will is gay.

    Will standing pensively by a window

    While Will doesn't come out and say it out loud (which makes sense given the time period and his age), he does open up to Mike with an emotional speech about being different and expresses his feelings for him by explaining to Mike why Eleven loves him.

    will has me fully in my feelings rn ❤️

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    Of course the internet had lots of thoughts on Will's gay storyline. So, I rounded up 23 tweets about it that'll have you laughing:

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    Netflix/ Twitter: @sthingsbrcom


    I love all the subtle hints in stranger things that Will is gay. Like crying in the car, crying in the pizza shop, painting, crying

    Twitter: @thekatesisk


    if vecna tells will "you're like me" im headcanoning vecna as gay

    Twitter: @fuckbyler


    vecna after killing will the day after pride month ends: #StrangerThings #StrangerThings4Vol2

    Netflix/ Twitter: @TH3RUMOR


    #StrangerThings spoilers . . . . . why is mike literally the stupidest little dumb dumb ever like will was TWO FEET AWAY and he didnt hear him sniffling and crying his little gay heart out???

    Netflix/ Twitter: @anniiekim


    all the eddie munson stans and gays rn bc of robin and will getting unrequited love storylines #StrangerThings4

    Twitter: @V3CNASADVOCATE


    the duffers when they call will slurs the whole show vs the duffers when we ask them to finally confirm will is gay #StrangerThings

    Pixar/ Twitter: @byersenthusiast


    @NetflixUK Will needs to survive to see Heartstopper

    Twitter: @EddieIsVeryGay


    el and will need to have more screen time together cause ‘girl who can blow things up with her mind and her gay brother’ is an insane dynamic

    Twitter: @amandayoungdyke


    Will really just did his whole confession and Jonathan watching like “that mf gotta be gay” #StrangerThings

    Twitter: @thatguydarnel


    will gave a lil gay speech and cried and mike turned his head and carried on thinking abt el

    Twitter: @falcxns


    the way he let eleven get bullied for an entire year, giving the least this entire season, and was like lowkey rooting for vecna, all because they like the same guy 😭

    Netflix/ Twitter: @alex_abads


    no matter what happens in s5 i will still ship byler and think mike wheeler is gay and repressed. i will never lose hope.

    Tati Westbrook/ Twitter: @livelovebyler


    was getting explicit confirmation on will being gay too much to ask. was it really.

    Twitter: @livsdoodlez


    gay people are in your walls and will byers was living proof

    Netflix/ Twitter: @Ioveharrington


    will byers the saddest gay boy ever put to television

    Netflix/ Twitter: @kibbykibbles


    Netflix/ Twitter: @itsulioff


    me when will showed his drawing and it wasn't a gay pride flag #StrangerThings4

    TNT/ Twitter: @belashalifoe


    will byers & mike wheeler. stranger things season 4 episode 8, a summary

    Twitter: @sevenumbrellass


    #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings jonathan to will after hearing will and mike’s conversation:

    Twitter: @luffyslover


    robin and will when they meet. #StrangerThings #ROBINBUCKLEY #WILLBYERS

    Viacom/ Twitter: @pimpdaddymorgs


    will byers cant die yet he still has to find out that being gay is okay

    Twitter: @byIerism


    noah we know will is gay you can stop with the tiktoks now

    Twitter: @luvbyer