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    "Stop The Madness" Was "We Are The World" Of Anti-Drug PSAs

    The ‘80s taught us that anything can be accomplished through an all-star music video.

    Throughout the 1980s, the Reagan administration, championed by First Lady Nancy Reagan, worked to raise awareness of the ever-growing epidemic of drug use (particularly cocaine and crack) among young people and children.

    Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library

    In 1985, endorsed and supported by President Reagan and his administration, the music video "Stop the Madness" was created. It featured an all-star musical cast and cameos.

    Among the all-star cast? New Edition...

    ...LaToya Jackson...

    ...and Whitney Houston.

    Oh, Whitney, why didn't you heed your own advice?

    With cameos from First Lady Nancy Reagan...

    ...Kareem Abdul-Jabbar...

    ...Arnold Schwarzenegger...

    ...and a talking David Hasselhoff poster.

    Also, why is she more freaked out by the poster than the drug dealer living in her closet?

    Of course, no '80s PSA is complete without some cheesy clichés:

    The word "drugs" glamorized in neon.

    Drug dealers being driven around in white stretch limos.

    This is so Miami Vice!

    The eventual freak-out.

    And that everything gets solved by a "Fame"-style street dance.

    "Stop the Madness" music video:

    View this video on YouTube

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