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21 Current Problems '90s Girls Have

OMG, when did the Backstreet Boys become an oldies act?!

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1. When you realize all other men will NEVER live up to your first love:

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2. When you start streaming one of your favorite '90s TV shows and you know you'll be forced to cancel all of your plans:

3. When you crave the deliciousness that was Dunkaroos and then remember they've been discontinued:

4. When you wish you could bring your favorite trends back...

5. ...but also realize that they'll give away your age:

6. When you STILL think that "ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife" is ironic:

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7. When your love for all things '90s becomes a detriment to your social life...

8. ...and your professional life:


9. When you realize that your "investment" Beanie Babies are, today, just clutter:

10. When you realize you aren't as up with today's music as you used to be:

11. And that today's kids consider your faves oldies (if they even know who they are):

12. When it's 20 years later and the same questions still keep you up at night:

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13. When you still, after all these decades, can't forget the impact Jared Leto in My So-Called Life left on you...


14. ...or the impact of NSYNC's debut album:

15. When suddenly, out of nowhere, Cher's Auto-Tune voice reminds you to "believe in life after love":

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16. When it takes everything inside you not to yell out "FEENY":


17. When you try to explain old-school technology, but might as well be talking about a telegraph:

18. When you realize how different today's kids are from you 20 years ago:


19. When you just want to go back to the original designer label you coveted:

20. When you're dating a fellow '90s kid:

21. And finally, when you realize when and where your love for "bad boys" started:

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