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    Someone Found An Over 20-Year-Old Unopened Bottle Of Orbitz While Self-Isolating

    A little taste of the '90s in these stressful times!

    So, over the last few weeks a lot of us have gone full-on "Marie Kondo" and have been organizing and cleaning our homes as a way to fight off boredom while self-isolating!

    And most of us have just found the random old Zara shirt...

    ...or iPod Mini we forgot we owned. But one Reddit user found something so '90s it's probably worth ~legit~ money.

    User myclueis found an unopened bottle of Orbitz...YES, ORBITZ!!!

    And, as they point out, Orbitz has been discontinued since 1998, so this bottle is at least 22 years old!!!

    For being over 20 years old, the bottle of Orbitz looks very much like it did back in the '90s!!!! (Like the small floating balls still float and are intact!)

    Of course, some Redditors were telling them to drink it, 'cause why not?

    While others were like CASH IN, get that 10 bucks for it!

    All I have to say is: I hope they save this vintage bottle of Orbitz and pair it with a box of Dunkaroos (for a TRUE taste of the '90s experience).*

    Okay, so now I need to know: Have you been cleaning out your place? And if so, what is the most throwback thing you have found? Leave it with pics in the comments below.

    H/T: Reddit