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    23 Truly Insignificant Things That Seriously Piss All Of Us Off

    Nothing like putting on a toilet seat cover only to see it flush away two-seconds later!

    1. When you're listening to a song on Spotify or Apple Music and all of sudden it a skips track or freezes:

    Sopa Images / Getty Images

    2. When you think you're charging your phone and then realize it wasn't actually plugged in right:

    Isabel Pavia / Getty Images

    3. When you have soap on your hands and the automated faucet refuses to turn back on:

    Photo_chaz / Getty Images

    4. When you put a toilet seat cover on and it immeditally gets flushed down 'cause of the automated toilet flusher:

    5. When you want to reply back, but stop texting 'cause you see the other person texting — and it seems like it's taking them a decade to compose it:


    6. Or when you respond to a text, but they beat you to it with another text:

    Image Source / Getty Images

    7. When you want to do some sleuthing on Insta, but the person whose account you want to see has it on private:

    8. When your Uber or LYFT is about to pick you up and then all of a sudden they cancel on you:

    Alla_snesar / Getty Images

    9. When you only packed a carry-on bag because you didn’t want to check a bag in, but are forced to check-in your bag at the gate ‘cause there is no overhead bin space:

    10. When the plane hasn't even left the gate yet and the person in front of you already has reclined their seat:

    Steve Debenport / Getty Images

    11. When you’re excited to see Amazon has the product you want at a better price, but then realize it’s not on Prime:


    12. Or when you buy something on Amazon and then see it at the store for way cheaper:

    Scott Olson / Getty Images

    13. When you want to look at an item at the store, but another person is looking at it and won't move:

    Peopleimages / Getty Images

    14. When you get tagged in a bad photo and your friend puts it up on Insta:

    15. When you go hungry to a party "'cause there is going to be food," and the host(s) has barely anything to eat other than very light snacks:

    Veeravong Komalamena / Getty Images

    16. When you go to the store specifically for one product and it's out of stock:

    17. When you tear the packaging apart for an online order only to realize you needed it in one piece to return the item:

    Nurphoto / Getty Images

    18. When you order something online and it looks nothing like what you expected:

    19. When you realize there is no toilet paper while you're using the bathroom:

    Image Source / Getty Images

    20. When you go throw some food away and end up spilling it outside the trash can:

    Crimaging / Getty Images

    21. When there is one parking space left in a lot, but you can't park in it 'cause the car next to it parked badly and took off some of the space:

    22. When you're at a restaurant and the table next to you orders after you and gets their food before you:

    Solstock / Getty Images

    23. And finally, when you watch the commercial ahead of the video you want to see and another commercial pops up immediately:


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