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    17 Things You Wouldn't Understand Unless You Were Tall Growing Up

    "Yes, I know. I am tall for my age."

    1. When taking class photos, you realized no one would see your "picture day" outfit 'cause you knew you'd be placed in the back:

    2. When you'd look around at your shorter classmates and wonder if they'd ever catch up to you:

    New Line Cinema / Via Twitter: @tallfreak

    3. When each time you'd have to get something out of your locker it would turn into a high-rep squat workout:

    Paramount / Via Twitter: @2tallcom

    4. When your parents would get you the biggest bed they could and you still didn't fit:

    Fox Television / Via Twitter: @28Wavy

    5. When you'd have to squat in order to see your face in the school's restroom mirrors:

    6. When strangers would find out your age and immediately proceed to say, "Wow, you're tall for your age":

    7. When your friends were enjoying playing on all the rides at Chuck E. Cheese's, but all you could do was play Skee-Ball:

    8. When you were taller than your parents but still forced to sit in the back of the car:

    Fox Television / Via Twitter: @katiecroke

    9. When you wouldn't even bother trying to take to the flexibility test at school:

    10. When people assumed that being tall meant you had some sort of magical ability to play basketball:

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @GarrettJBarth1

    11. When people never took your longer legs into account and assumed you were just walking fast on purpose...

    12. ...or they'd call you out for not being considerate of their shorter legs:

    13. When you'd go clothes shopping and your mom would insist on making you try to fit into the clothes from the kids section — even though you both knew it wasn't going to happen:

    14. Whenever you'd forget to squat down and almost knock someone out when you went in for a hug:

    15. When you'd drink out of your school's water fountains and feel like you looked like a giraffe drinking water:

    16. When your relatives would tell you -- every time they saw you -- how tall you had gotten since the last time they saw you:

    17. And finally, always feeling like you stood out the most whenever you'd go anywhere with your friends:

    Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @2tallcom

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