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    12 Tiny Details And Easter Eggs From The New Maggie Simpson "Star Wars" Short You Probably Didn't Even Notice

    Both the Force and corporate synergy is strong in this new short.

    As you are probably more than aware, yesterday was May the 4th, aka Star Wars Day!!!

    And this year, even The Simpsons got in on the celebrations by releasing a new Star Wars-themed Maggie Simpson short on Disney+, titled The Force Awakens From Its Nap:

    A poster for the short that has Maggie holding up a lightsaber while standing next to BB-8

    Now, like any great Simpsons episode, the short is filled with tons of sight gags and Easter eggs. Below are 12 of the best and geekiest ones you might have missed!

    Maggie walking in the desert with her pacifier as her shadow

    **** Warning: If you haven't seen the short (and really you should!) there are mild spoilers ahead!!!! ****

    1. The preschool where Marge takes Maggie is named Jabba's Hut Jedi Preschool, and the building is even shaped like Jabba's Palace:

    2. Princess Leia is among the kids dancing around Jabba on the school's sign:

    A screen shot with an arrow pointing a a little Leia with her buns hairstyle

    3. A baby Gungan can be seen among the students:

    Screenshot of Marge carrying Maggie through the daycare while alien kids sit on the ground

    4. C-3PO's parts can be seen in a bin and they're placed in a way similar to the way he was when Chewie was carrying him on his back in The Empire Strikes Back:

    5. A Twi'lek child is playing with Marksman-H training remotes (aka the ball that Luke and Rey both lightsaber trained with):

    6. One of the walls of the preschool is decorated with kids drawings of an Ewok and a TIE fighter:

    7. The handle to a microwave is a lightsaber:

    Microwave sitting next to a cookie jar and a Wookiee jar

    8. In the scene where Baby Gerald Maul chases Maggie, they run past Darth Vader's helmet being used to grow potato sprouts:

    9. Maggie runs past a sign that says not to eat Blue Milk:

    Maggie running next to a sign that says "no eating peanuts, blue milk, or other students"

    10. The shelf with the statues of the Seven Dwarfs is actually a reference to the Team Disney building at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California:

    11. When the shelf collapses Rey's helmet from The Force Awakens can be seen among the items that have fallen:

    12. And lastly, Kylo Ren is among the kids who attend the preschool and they made him shirtless too:

    The Force Awakens From Its Nap is streaming now on Disney+.

    Maggie with Yoda ears standing next to BB-8 looking at a double sunset