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Posted on Jul 25, 2016

21 Worst Things Your Siblings Could Do To You Growing Up

"I called shotgun! You need to respect that, bitch!"

1. Whenever one of your siblings broke this very important time-honored rule:

2. Whenever you came home from school hungry only to realize your siblings had eaten all the good snacks:

3. Whenever one of your siblings would pull out some old shit your parents didn't know you did just to get back at you:

4. When they knew they could get away with provoking you because your parents were right in front of you:

5. When snooping in your sibling's bedroom led to discovering all your stuff that you thought you'd lost:

6. Whenever you accidentally hit them a bit too hard and they would act like they needed to be taken to the ER:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @septicnjh

7. Whenever you'd ask them to stop doing something annoying, but it would only provoke them to do it even MORE:

NBC / Via

8. When your parents accidentally called you by your sibling's name — more than once:

9. When your siblings really cleaned up at Christmas and you basically got a stocking full of coal:

10. When your parents all of a sudden decided to be "fair":

#growingupwithsiblings when you finally get what you've wanted and your parents decide to get one for your bro/sis

11. Whenever you had to take photos over and over because your sibling thought it was funny to ruin the pic:

12. When you were forced to watch whatever trash TV show they liked because they hid the remote:

13. Whenever your older sibling played the "I'm the oldest, therefore I am the BOSS" card:

Warner Bros. Animation / Via Twitter: @koatsmagoats

14. Whenever you caught them wearing or using something of yours without permission:

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @SERENAWHATSGOOD

15. When you finally got the bathroom all to yourself and ALL OF A SUDDEN they needed it too:

16. Whenever you had to listen to your sibling lie to your parents, and then their believing it:

XL Music / Via Twitter: @disneyy_dailyy

17. Whenever you asked them for a really big favor and they would begrudgingly half-ass it:

18. When all you wanted to do was sleep but you could hear their loud screams throughout the entire house:

Warner Bros. Animation / Via Twitter: @disneyy_dailyy

19. When your parents were forced to take a toy away because you and your siblings wouldn't stop fighting over it:

Fox / Via

20. When you'd get in trouble for something they did, but couldn't do anything about it for fear of getting into even more trouble:

21. And finally, whenever they pulled this stupid shit:

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