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    "Sex And The City's" 29 Most Ridiculously Outdated Fashion Moments

    We need to have a conversation about rhinestone-studded bandanas.

    1. When Carrie suffered an unfortunate Paris Hilton-esque Juicy Couture phase.

    2. Where would you wear Carrie's flared cargo capris to now?

    3. What would happen now if someone wore a rhinestone-studded bandana?

    4. Miranda, dressed like a Backstreet Boy.

    5. What happened to the rest of the lost episodes where Carrie became BFFs with JLo?

    6. Is Charlotte wearing some kind of Ugg–Juicy Couture shearling coat hybrid?

    7. Was it ever really appropriate to go out to dinner with a bare midriff? Dunno! But it looks hella weird!

    8. Miranda: That shirt. THAT SHIRT!!! Charlotte: Your love for the '90s J. Crew catalog is apparent.

    9. It's a Burberry bonanza! And Carrie, good job on your early '90s power suit. Close that deal!

    10. Charlotte, definitely fallen into The Gap.

    11. So New York '90s: Everyone in black, coral lipstick, and hating the world.

    12. What Ugg-like monstrosity hath Carrie wrought? Oh, the 2000s. A dark time for footwear.

    13. Here's a "grown-up" Sk8er Boi ensemble? I think?

    14. This happened during that whole Madonna Music era... a time when it was briefly OK to dress like an urban cowgirl.

    15. Carrie's signature flower, which we all copied at some point or another. It felt right at the time.

    16. Didn't everyone have about a million of these Urban Outfitters tank tops? What ever happened to those?

    17. Samantha Jones, lost Destiny's Child member.

    18. So early 2000s.

    19. I feel like this definitely came from Talbot's.

    20. I don't even know what to say.

    21. OK. We get it. You wear logos. You have money. (That was a whole thing.)

    22. You look slammin', I'll give you that. But it's been a while since Jennifer Lopez said it was OK to wear this.

    23. For pleated pantssakes, why did no one stage a fashion intervention with Miranda?

    24. Charlotte just can't get enough Burberry tartan in her life.

    25. UGH, a ruched spaghetti strap dress, made even more horrendous by the snakeskin print.

    26. Baggy khakis + tube top

    27. Why, in the early 2000s, did we feel the need to belt everything?

    28. Still confused about the whole corset trend. (Doesn't it hurt?)

    29. Even though everything about this is so dated, it's the best moment ever.